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Experience the luxurious softness of Tahitian Kiss Hair Butter For Dry Hair. Infused with nourishing ingredients of buriti oil and shea butter, this hair butter gives your hair the hydration and protection it needs. The lightweight, non-greasy formula is perfect for dry to extremely dry & colour treated hair types, leaving your locks feeling soft, smooth, and smelling heavenly.

This creamy butter is designed as a deep conditioner; leaving it on the hair for 20+ minutes before washing it out.  This allows the ingredients to penetrate deeply from root to tip, helping to close the cuticle and deeply nourish and repair the hair. 

If you find your hair is breaking, or has split ends or feels really in need of healthy nourishment to regain that softness you love, then try this before washing your hair.

Monoi oil helps hair grow stronger and reduces split ends.  It also helps reduce frizz and adds shine.

Buriti oil deeply hydrates

Shea butter locks in moisture.


You will notice a difference after just one use.  I colour my hair and adding this product to my hair routine just once a week makes a difference and softens my hair; making it fall all together without frizz.


Available in 100ml 

Tahitian Kiss Hair Butter For Dry Hair

  • To use this product, I find adding it to my hair just after wetting it, not washing, then towel dry to rid the hair of dripping wetness. Then apply generously over entire head of hair or focusing on problem areas and work through hair in a downward motion.  For even more intension treatment: put hair into a shower cap.

     Leave the treatment in the hair for about 20mins before washing with one of our shampoos.

  • Monoi Oil-prevents hair breakage, split ends, strengthens hair

    Kokum Butter-intense hydration and helps reduce breakage

    Shea Butter-Locks in moisture, tames frizzy hair, protects

    Buriti Oil-hydrates and tames frizzy hair

    Glyceryl Oleate-softens and conditions hair

    Vitamin E-helps maintain healthy hair and scalp

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