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At Breathe, we take  pride in all the ingredients chosen for each of our products in our skin care line.  We use only natural & organic essential oils and ingredients, from suppliers who either grew the ingredients or bought directly from those who have, for the perfect blend and balance for all skin types.

We do not test on animals and do not add harsh chemicals that may harm your skin.  We use natural ingredients that promote health and harmony for all skin types.  All our products are 100% natural or 99%, only because of the preservative required in our aqueous products.  The preservative that we choose to work with is nature identical, which means it is as close to natural as possible.

Listed under each product we inform you of which product is best suited for your skin type.  We also inform you of the oils and ingredients used for skin benefits, as well as for any allergies you may have to certain products, this helps alleviate concerns prior to purchase.