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I am so excited to bring this organic line of products to you!  I have owned a cleaning company for over 5 years now and when I started, I was really concerned about the amount of chemicals that I used in each household, and commercial enclosure.  Not only for my clients to breathe in, but for my body and my employees bodies as well; for several hours each day as we cleaned.  Despite the chemicals that are ingested each time we breathe, what about the chemicals that are flushed down the toilet or rinsed away in our sinks and bath tubs?  The long term effects these have on the wildlife and marine life.

This is why I decided to go GREEN!  Completely green.  Now there is green and then there is really green.  The difference is:

1.  Green- is cleaning with safer products for the environment and respiratory. 

2. Really Green- is cleaning with natural & organic products that are grown, without pesticides & herbicides on the ingredients, that are used to make the green cleaning products.  

And that is what we are!  Organic & Natural.  I wanted to be extremely picky with the ingredients that I selected to use to make all of our products that you find on here.  So, all of our products are made with natural & organic ingredients that come from a certified supplier.  From cleaning to facial products, every ingredient is natural and/or organic.  And never tested on animals.  

Where do we delivery?


We deliver anywhere within North America.  



How do I return an item?


You first contact us regarding the reason why you need to make a return or exchange, then we email you a return form to fill out which needs to be enclosed with the product to return. You package the product in a protective wrap bag or box, enclose the return slip and mail it back to our address:



What is your returns policy?


Our policy is always for our customers to be happy and 100% satisfied with our products.  However, if there is a need to return or exchange, we will gladly do so within 3 weeks of the date the products were shipped to you from our facility.

How do I track my order?


We will attach a tracking number to your order and that will be emailed to you with confirmation of your order and the day your order leaves our facility.



What are the forms of payment you accept?


We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal



What are your delivery options?


We deliver using Canada Post & UPS