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See What Some Of Our Students Are Saying:


'I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience. This course has been nothing short of transformative, and I couldn't be more impressed with the wealth of information it offers....By the time I completed the course, I had gained a level of expertise I never thought possible. I now feel confident in creating my own premium skincare products, and I even have plans to start my own small business in this exciting industry.' -Stacey M.


'Before enrolling in this course, I dabbled in DIY skincare, often with unpredictable results. But from the very first module, it became clear that this course was an entirely different league. It offered me something I had been craving for so long – a deep understanding of proper formulation and ingredient portions..... I no longer had to rely on vague internet recipes; I could confidently formulate my own products, knowing precisely why each ingredient was chosen and how they interacted.'
Heather D.

breathe natural organics course_edited.j

'...The feeling of finally being able to customize products to suit my specific skin needs and preferences was exhilarating. I could tailor my formulations with the exact oils, butters, and botanical extracts I desired, and I could confidently adjust ingredient proportions to achieve the perfect consistency and efficacy....I am so excited to start my own business!' -Tanya P.

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