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When these essential oils are added to candles, they create a unique and calming ambiance that can help to soothe and invigorate the senses. Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils are all-natural and provide a more subtle, nuanced scent that is believed to have therapeutic benefits.


This special blend of essential oils helps cleanse and purify any room it is lit in.  The blend of tea tree, eucalyptus and cinnamon leaf help rid the room of any unpleasant odors and is known for their cleansing properties; leaving a fresher, purifying scent.


This 8oz candle will last up to 40 hours of burning time

Cleansing & Purifying Essential Oil Candle

  • Soy & Coconut wax blend

    Cinnamon Leaf essential oil

    Tea Tree essential oil

    Eucalyptus essential oil

    *All our oils are organic

  • When using candles, it is important to never leave them unattended, no matter how safe you feel they are.

    Do not place directly on a surface that may be effected by the heat of the candle; to keep this surface safe from heat damage.

    Always make sure the candle is fully distinguished before leaving the room.

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