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There is so much to say about hemp seed oil and the benefits it has on our skin! Where to start…it contains linoleic and oleic acids that play a vital role in slowing down the aging process. This oil contains a high amount of vitamin E and is the best moisturizer because it naturally protects our skin, and protects against moisture lose. Rosehip oil is a wonderful oil for dry, weathered & irritated skin. This oil helps replenish the skins moisture and helps reduce the signs of aging. Kukui oil is a lighter oil that absorbs deep into the skin layers to nourish and hydrate from deep within. This oil also forms a protective layer on the skin to help prevent it from environmental damage, this is why this oil is a wonderful oil for severely dry skin and mature skin.Carrot seed oil is high in anti-oxidants and therefore great for reducing the signs of aging and environmental stressors such as weather. Lavender is a natural healer and soother of skin and Frankincense is great for dry skin and reducing the signs of wrinkles.


This wonderful serum is designed for dry & mature skin types.  With this blend of oils, your skin will feel hydrated, rejuvenated, fresh and clean without a heavy oily finish.  Pumpkin seed oil is loaded with vitamins A, B, D & E which help prevent the aging process by combating free radicals which can damage our skin and speed up aging.  This oil is also very nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating which improves skin’s overall texture and appearance, and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.



Rosehip Pumpkin Seed & Kukui Nut Dry Skin Hydrator Facial Elixir

  • after your face has been cleansed and toned, with clean hands, pump 1-2 pumps onto finger tips and gently massage into face and neck.  Make sure to massage gently around eye area.  It is important to massage into your neck to combat the signs of aging in this delicate area.

  • organic coconut oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic rosehip oil, organic pomegranate oil, organic kukui oil, organic macadamia nut oil, vitamin e, organic frankincense oil, organic lavender oil, organic carrot seed oil, organic lemon oil.

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