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This multi-use cleaner is great on counter tops, shelving, plexi-glass, light switches and more!  Ever have that cloudy residue left on the microwave or stove after cleaning? Try this cleaner, it leaves no film or residue!  This is a great disinfectant cleaner for all surfaces.  With natural oils of bergamot, thyme & tea tree; to naturally clean your surfaces.  Shake before using.


Multi Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

  • For a light dusting, simply spray onto a micro fibre cloth and wipe the surface.  For kitchen counter tops and bathroom counters, spray directly on the surface and wipe.  For wood surfaces, spray onto a micro fibre cloth and then wipe; do not spray directly onto wood surfaces due to the alcohol, may be drying.

  • aqua, alcohol 70%, decyl glucoside, bergamot oil, preservative, tea tree oil, thyme oil

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