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Our specialized Healthy Nails and Cuticles Nourishing Serum is meticulously crafted to enhance the health and aesthetics of both nails and cuticles. This unique formulation features a curated blend of natural oils, working harmoniously to moisturize and nourish the nails and surrounding skin, leaving them irresistibly soft, smooth, and supple.


Regular application of this nourishing serum contributes to strengthened nails, reducing the likelihood of breakage and minimizing the risk of hangnails and other forms of nail damage. Beyond fortifying the nails, it also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall appearance of nails and cuticles by addressing concerns such as dryness, cracking, and other visible signs of damage or aging. Elevate your nail care routine with the revitalizing effects of our Healthy Nails and Cuticles Nourishing Serum.

Healthy Nails & Cuticles Nourishing Serum

  • To benefit from a nourishing serum for healthy nails and cuticles, apply a small amount to the nails and cuticles, gently massaging until absorbed.

    For optimal nail and cuticle health, it is advisable to incorporate the serum into your routine regularly, aiming for at least once or twice a week.

    • Jojoba Oil:  moisturizes and strengthens nails, promoting healthy growth. It helps prevent brittleness and nourishes the cuticles, contributing to overall nail health.

    • Lemon Oil:  has brightening properties and can help to whiten and strengthen nails. It also has a refreshing scent and antifungal properties.

    • Frankincense Oil:  strengthens nails and promotes nail bed health. It also has antibacterial properties that can help protect nails from infections.

    • Myrrh Oil:  is known for its moisturizing and strengthening effects on nails. It helps improve the overall health and appearance of nails.

    • Eucalyptus Oil:  has antifungal and antimicrobial properties, making it beneficial for maintaining clean and healthy nails. It also provides a refreshing sensation.

    • Lavender Oil:  helps soothe and nourish the nails and cuticles. It can also promote relaxation and a sense of calm during nail care routines.

    • Grapefruit Oil:  contains vitamins and antioxidants that contribute to the overall health and strength of nails. It has a pleasant citrus scent.

    • Rosemary Oil:  stimulates blood circulation to the nails, promoting healthy nail growth. It also has antifungal properties and helps strengthen the nails.

    • Vitamin E:  is a powerful antioxidant that promotes nail strength and helps prevent nail breakage. It also moisturizes and nourishes the nails and cuticles.

    * All our carrier oils and essential oils, including vitamin E are organic

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