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Why Use a Natural Deodorant?

Why make the switch to a deodorant made with natural ingredients?

Your body is made to sweat in order to balance out your bodies temperature, especially during workouts or stressful interactions. If we use an antiperspirant to stop this natural cycle, our pores become blocked from the antiperspirant which causes the sweat to remain under the skin instead of being released naturally on the surface. Plus, this does not help with the smell that comes with sweating. The smell is a mixture of salt and water from your body that mixes with the bacteria on our skin which we prevent with a chemical laced deodorant.

By eliminating both of these products, you allow your skin to breathe and function as it is designed to without harmful toxins and chemicals unleashing into the body.

Within a short time of using a natural deodorant, you will notice that when you aren't wearing deodorant, you won't smell as much nor sweat as much because your body has adjusted to it's natural way to function.

We offer 4 different scents; 4 made with beeswax and 4 made with candelilla wax

Find your favourite one today!

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