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Why Formulating Is Important

Why is formulating important? Maybe the better title here is Why proper formulation is important. There are so many DIYers online these days that are giving out recipes for a more natural household. From deodorants to household cleaners and everything in between. That is great that people are wanting to have less chemicals in their homes and experimenting on making their own alternatives. I wanted to the same for my home too. I am very conscious of what products enter my home, and only wish I was more educated in this area when my sons were babies. Knowing now about what ingredients are found in baby products alone is very concerning and I would never have used most of them, had I known better.

Why I am writing about formulation is because I now see the importance of why we take the time to properly educate ourselves on making our own products. With my interest in this area, I started googling online, checking social media and even taking some of the recipes that some of the DIYers were giving away for free to try myself. When some of the products were not turning out quite like the picture they posted, I started wondering what I was doing wrong or maybe something was still missing? I dug deeper online to see if there were any schools or courses or anything that properly educated in this area. I found two! Wow! was I excited! I researched both and what I wanted was to learn how to formulate with a more natural and organic approach; which would make my products as close to nature as possible. I did not want to use "safe synthetics" and really wanted to learn how to use natural alternatives for ingredients to get the same texture or feel from my products but also wanted to educate myself on ingredients for efficacy; such as for skincare for acne prone skin.

I quickly signed up on the spot and first received my certificate then my diploma in both natural and organic skincare and haircare formulation. This aside, what I learned right from the start was how dangerous recipe making of products was. The proper amounts of each ingredient was not correct in some cases and actually could cause harm to the skin. In an example of this: there was a recipe I saw that said 2 tbsps of essential oils. That amount was not going into a large batched product and could cause skin irritation or some damage; depending on the essential oils used. What I also learned was that you do not make recipes. Recipes are for baking where you can alter the sugar amount and still get a great banana loaf (I did this because I didn't like the amount it was calling for). But when you formulate, your formula must first equal 100% and essential oils; there are many that pregnant women or children should not use because of the strength. Even is you are making pet products, there are essential oils that animals can not have on them. The amount to use of essential oils is maximum of 2% of your total formula. I use about 1% when making products for my teen sons. Anything more and it irritates their skin. But you wouldn't know this unless you properly educated yourself with ingredients, proper dose amounts and so much more. I think it is wonderful to see so many people searching for healthier alternatives for themselves and their families but educating yourself is very important so you do not end up harming anyone.

There is so much to say about ingredients and how they work together to create such beautiful products, just really take the time to educate yourself. I am so glad I invested in myself to educate myself properly in this area and obviously to bring the best products to my family and to yours.

For those who would be interested in getting their diploma or certificate in proper formulation, I joined the School Of Natural Skincare. You can find the link here:

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