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The Importance of Having a Product Development

The beauty of formulating natural products for the skin, body and hair comes from within and to produce something that you can be proud of takes time to get it right. Where to start is sometimes confusing or how to start or with what product to start creating.

When you walk into a department store, pharmacy or specialty shop and try different lotions, creams or sprays, what do you like and dislike of each product you try? Maybe some of these questions or senses aren't even conscious. Maybe you are simply stopped by the smell. Next time you do this, make a mental note of the texture, the smell, the feel, the after feel; if it is greasy or absorbs fast. Does the smell last?

Let's start with a hand lotion. Do you have a favourite one? Take this lotion and break it down. What makes it your favourite? It nourishes your hands? the smell is not strong? or subtle or lasts? It feels smooth and silky? It absorbs deep into your skin? How about how long it lasts on your hands? How often do you have to apply more? Is it thick or thin? Does it have a colour?

Once you have answered all of these questions, maybe you would like to use this as your example for formulating a lotion of your own. Perhaps your favourite lotion is a bit thinner than you would like, make a note on your product development sheet. By marking down on this sheet all the likes and dislikes of your favourite lotion, helps you to create one that is even better.

Decide how you would thicken the lotion and by how much. The smell, do you want to recreate a similar scent or a completely different one? Will this lotion be for a female or male? What age group are you catering to or is this just for you? What skin type are you creating for? dry skin, oily or combination? What ingredients will you need to help it absorb into the skin faster, deeper and nourish the skin?

When you break down a product like this and really think of what you would like to create, you will realize using a product development sheet with all of these questions answered on it, will actually create the product for you.

Happy Formulating!

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