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Best Natural Laundry Soap Formula!

So if you are like me and have tried every DIY recipe out there on the internet and still not happy with the results....I have finally made a liquid laundry soap that is ALL natural and organic AND IT WORKS!

Before I give you my formula for free, because I actually want to give it away so all of you can try it, have healthier skin and hopefully give me feedback on your results!

Where to start with the laundry soap DIYers on the internet....God love each and every one of them for trying to find and create natural alternatives to chemical and fragrance infested ones offered at the stores. But when you don't know, you don't know and I am referring to a few things here.

First: Did you know you actually should be checking the PH of your laundry soap? When people are creating liquid laundry soap with Castille soap, they do not realize that the PH is actually too high. The proper PH for laundry is: 7-8 for delicates and 8-10 for stains; to simplify. The one I have created above has a PH of 8.25. You can easily adjust your PH by slowly adding and checking the PH, after each stir of a PH adjusting solution:

1 gram of citric acid to 100 ml of distilled water

This will lower the PH level. If you want to increase the PH, you can also use a diluted solution of sodium hydroxide or simply, slowly add more soap.

Second: Baking soda and Washing soda are the same product. I didn't know this either at first. If you put baking soda on a tray and bake it in the oven at 350 for 1 hour, it becomes crunchy and turns into washing soda. How you ask? When it is heated, it loses water and carbon dioxide resulting in washing soda. So save your money on buying washing soda; you are only paying someone else to put it in their oven.

I did not add vinegar to my formula because it contains baking soda and for obvious reasons, I did not want a volcanic eruption in my jar. You are welcome to add vinegar to the wash as you start it, for many benefits: odor removal, water softener, static control, colour preservation, residue removal and helps whiten clothes.


Water Phase:

Distilled water 35g

floral water 10g (I used sage)

baking soda 10g

table salt 5g

Soap Phase:

decyl glucoside 20g

coco glucoside 5g

Thickening Phase:

glycerin 8g

xanthan gum 4g

Last Phase:

Essential oils 2g ( I used Eucalyptus & Lemon)

Preservative 2g

Put all of the water phase together into a bowl and stir until salt and baking soda are dissolved, you can put on very low heat to do so, but if you choose to do that, keep the floral water out and add after removed from the heat (this keeps the added benefits of the floral water highly concentrated)

Put the soap phase into a separate bowl. Mix the thickening phase in another bowl and mix until blended (put this into the largest bowl)

Add the soap and water phases together and stir slowly so you do not activate the soap and get lots of air and bubbles. Then bit by bit add this to the thickening phase. By adding this bit by bit, you allow the thickener to adjust to the added ingredients and not create separate lumps, you will end up with a well formulated detergent.

Add the last phase and slowly stir together and store in a jar with a lid. Now because this only makes a small amount of heavily concentrated detergent...I put this into a 1 gallon jar that I found at the dollar store. I then filled the jar with distilled water and stirred as I filled (slowly of course). This will last you for quite a while! You will only need about 3/4 cup or less for each load.

If you find you want more smell, you will have to either use more floral water or add more essential oils or both.

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