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Citrus Mint Sole Revive Foot Scrub - a luxurious blend meticulously crafted to invigorate and pamper your feet. Immerse yourself in the refreshing fusion of citrus and mint while this scrub transforms your foot care routine into a spa-like experience. Each ingredient has been thoughtfully selected for its unique benefits, ensuring your feet receive the care they deserve.


Dead Sea Salt:

  • Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, promoting smoother and softer feet. The minerals from the Dead Sea contribute to skin nourishment and revitalization.

Coconut Oil:

  • Deeply moisturizes and hydrates, combating dryness and roughness. The natural fatty acids in coconut oil soothe and soften the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel:

  • Soothes irritated skin and reduces inflammation. Aloe vera provides a cooling sensation, offering relief for tired and achy feet.

Sesame Seed Oil:

  • Rich in antioxidants, sesame seed oil helps rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. It also aids in maintaining the skin's elasticity.

Ximenia Oil:

  • Known for its nourishing properties, ximenia oil helps in moisturizing and conditioning the skin, leaving your feet feeling supple and revitalized.


  • Acts as a natural emollient, sealing in moisture and protecting the skin. Beeswax contributes to a smoother texture and helps retain the benefits of other ingredients.

Fennel Oil:

  • Fennel oil has antimicrobial properties that help in combating foot odor. It also imparts a subtle, refreshing scent.

Spearmint Oil:

  • Refreshes and revitalizes tired feet with its cooling properties. Spearmint oil also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Sweet Orange Oil:

  • Adds a bright and uplifting aroma while providing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin.

Vitamin E:

  • A powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin E also supports skin healing and promotes a youthful appearance.

Ginger Oil:

  • Known for its warming properties, ginger oil stimulates circulation, providing relief for sore and fatigued feet. It also contributes to the scrub's invigorating fragrance.

With Citrus Mint Sole Revive Foot Scrub, indulge your feet in a rejuvenating experience that combines the best of nature's bounty. Pamper yourself with this revitalizing blend to unveil softer, smoother, and more radiant feet.

Citrus Mint Sole Revive Foot Scrub

  • How to Use Citrus Mint Sole Revive Foot Scrub:

    • Start with Clean Feet: Begin by washing your feet with warm water and adding one of our foot soaks to cleanse away any impurities and prepare your skin for the exfoliation process.

    • Apply a Generous Amount: Scoop out a generous amount of Citrus Mint Sole Revive Foot Scrub using a clean spatula or your fingertips. Gently massage the scrub onto damp feet, focusing on areas with rough skin or calluses.

    • Circular Massage Motion: Using circular motions, massage the scrub onto your feet, paying extra attention to the heels and soles. The exfoliating Dead Sea Salt will work to slough off dead skin cells, leaving your feet feeling refreshed.

    • Enjoy the Aromatherapy: Breathe in the invigorating scents of citrus and mint as you massage the scrub. The combination of sweet orange oil, spearmint oil, and ginger oil will provide a sensory experience, promoting relaxation.

    • Leave on for a Few Minutes: Allow the scrub to remain on your feet for a few minutes to let the nourishing oils and botanical extracts penetrate and hydrate the skin. This step enhances the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil, ximenia oil, and sesame seed oil.

    • Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your feet thoroughly with warm water, ensuring all scrub particles are washed away. Pat your feet dry with a towel.

    • Feel the Difference: Experience the immediate softness and smoothness of your feet. The combined effects of aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and beeswax contribute to a soothing sensation.

    • Follow with Foot Cream: For an extra dose of moisture, consider applying one of our foot balms or foot creams after using the scrub to lock in the hydration and keep your feet feeling pampered.

    • Use as Needed: Incorporate Citrus Mint Sole Revive Foot Scrub into your regular self-care routine as needed. Depending on your preference, use it weekly or bi-weekly for consistently revitalized and rejuvenated feet.

    Indulge in the luxury of spa-quality foot care with Citrus Mint Sole Revive Foot Scrub, and treat your feet to the nourishment they deserve.

  • Dead sea salt, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, sesame seed oil, ximenia oil, beeswax, fennel oil, spearmint oil, sweet orange oil, vitamin E, ginger oil

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