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Subscription Box

Thank you Sydney for the amazing review of our subscription box!  It is so wonderful to receive your feedback and to collaborate with you!

You always do an amazing job with reviews.

Watch her review of our subscription box here; we are the second one in. 

Don't miss another month!

Our subscription boxes cover every special occasion each year; only 4 times per year.

Every February, May, August & November; you will not want to miss our exciting themes!

From Valentines Day, Welcome to Summer, Back to School & The Holidays: each box is full of all natural & organic goodies to surely surprise you!

We ensure you get your monies worth in every box with items that you will definitely use.  Some items we will only put into our boxes specially just for you and not in our store to sell! One time only goodies that only you will have access to.  

If you like formulating your own products...we will add special surprises (ex: a formula you can create at home) in our box as well!

Sign up today!

Order by the 10th of the month before the next box goes out to ensure you are on the list!

*You are welcome to cancel at any time too, we do not make it difficult for you. 

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